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 3D Laser Welding     3D laser welding
 What We Do

3D laser welding uses concentrated energy to fuse metal parts into a very precise joint that is strong and highly aesthetic. 3D laser welding times can be up to 40x faster than traditional welding, reducing your product costs. Simply stated, 3D laser welding can help you build a better product at a lower price.

Minimize welding costs

Dawopu can value engineer your projects to identify a more cost-effective design and employ more efficient processes which decrease production time. 3D laser welding is up to 10x faster than traditional MIG welding, and up to 40x faster than traditional TIG welding, which helps to drive down labor costs. Estes¨ 3D laser welded products require minimal post-weld grinding or finishing, which translates to cost savings for you.

A simple case study

One project with a 10 ̄ weld of 16 gauge cold rolled steel went from a total cost of $5.84, with traditional TIG welding, to $0.96 with 3D laser welding. Here is how:

Traditional TIG Welding 3D Laser Welding
Weld speed 5 in./minute 160 in./minute
Time required 2 minutes 0.0625 minutes
Time required 2.95 minutes 0.00 minutes
Total Cost Reduction 0% 84%

Superior product control & quality

Dawopu¨ engineers can assist you in optimally designing for 3D laser welding technology to achieve superior product quality in addition to significant cost savings. Estes¨ 3D laser welding produces a smaller heat-affected zone than traditional welding. This smaller affected area, coupled with the speed of the welding process, helps to eliminate residual warping and weakness in finished products.

Dedicated customer-focused service

Dawopu¨ strong mix of dedicated project managers and state-of-the-art technology allows us to develop products that a traditional fabrication shop cannot. Our commitment to excellent customer service and superior product quality ensures you have the best product on the market.

State-of-the-art 3D laser welding equipment

The PRIMA DOMINO Laser Welder can weld steel, stainless steel, and light-gauge aluminum. In addition to 3D welding within a working envelope, PRIMA? also features both 2D and 3D cutting.

Dawopu¨ 3D laser welding integrates experienced people and state-of-the-art equipment for precision sheet metal fabrication. One of our dedicated engineers is ready to talk to you about how 3D laser welding can help you be more competitive and increase your profits.

PRIMA? Specifications
Axis mm Inches
X 3000 102
Y 1500 46
Z 370 15
Rotation A 360< (continuous, w/o limitation)
Rotation B +/- 135<


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