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Dawopu Group produce Aerospace-Parts

Dawopu Group has the latest technology in the manufacturing of machine components.Aerospace Precision Machined Parts.Aerospace Parts, machined parts,Aerospace Machined Parts. Our strategy is driven by our customer base and industries served. Our strength lies in our loyal customer base which require us to stay on the cutting edge of manufacturing systems and advanced technology. By adapting better manufacturing systems and staying ahead in the industry, along with having first hand knowledge of our customers wants and needs, allows us to grow with our existing customers base in the aerospace industry.

  • Actuation and Landing Systems
  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Military Aircraft

We have a proven track record with most of the Aircraft and Engine manufacturers both directly and indirectly.

Dawopu produces numerous aerospace and military components for some of the larger companies in the China and United States, including NASA.Production includes, military and commercial aircraft components, helicopter components, aircraft wheel and brake components, missile components, torpedo components and sub-systems, flight simulator enclosures and even parts destined for International Space Station (ISS) applications.

Fuel Delivery Systems Parts

manufactured from bar stock, castings and forgings. Materials used: 347 Stainless steel, Inconel and Waspaloy.

Explosive Devices for Strategic and Tactical Weapons

manufactured from about 4" diameter bar 8" long. Material 17-4, 15-5, and aluminum

Shear Bolts

These parts are used on the space shuttle for NASA holding the shuttle to the external fuel tank. They are manufactured out of an Inconel forging 5" in diameter 18" long.


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