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CNC Gundrilling


CNC Gundrilling

Dawopu Group is the specialist provider of deep hole drilling and gundrilling services.

Gundrilling, often referred to as deep hole drilling, is the process used to produce precision round bores using specialist gundrill tools to achieve close tolerances, good surface finishes & greater accuracy than conventional drilling.

It is also the most accurate method for producing multiple, concentric bores with the smallest T.I.R and Concentricity obtainable.

CNC Gundrilling Available Parameters

Minimum Bore Diameter.
3mm 0.118"
Maximum Bore Diameter.
Maximum O.A.L.
2500mm 98.43"
Bore Tolerance under 76.2mm/3".
+/-0.01mm +/-0.0004"
Bore Tolerance over 76.2mm/3".
+/-0.05mm +/-0.002"
Surface Finish (Drilling Only)
0.8μ 32 CLA
Accuracy (Drill Wander / T.I.R.)
0.025mm per 25.4mm 0.001"per 1"drilled
Materials Machined.
All Materials
Shapes Machined.
Bar, Block, Casting, Finished Components

Gundrilling produces bores from 2mm to 25mm diameter & is most commonly utilised within the Aerospace, Automotive & Medical industries where smaller components are required. To produce bores in excess of 25mm, deep hole boring is the preferred process.

Examples of Work

Con Rods, Drive Shafts, Electronic Housings, Cylinder Heads, Injection Moulding Tools, Hanger and Flow Tubes, Steering Columns.

To inquire about CNC Gundrilling and precision parts, click here.

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