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CNC Turning


CNC Turning

Dawopu Group is the specialist provider of precision machining and turning services.

Turning is the process used to machine both internal bores, profiles & details & also produce external profiles on any component using a variety of specialist tooling.

CNC Turning Available Parameters

Maximum Swing.
400mm 15.75"
Between Centres.
2750mm 108.27"
Materials Machined.
All Materials
Shapes Machined.

Examples of Work

Suspension Struts, Throttle Housings,
Piston Rods, Rotors, Accumulators, Drive Shafts, Pulleys, Damper Housing.

Contact Us

Dawopu Group
No168 JianDing Road Hangzhou City
Zhejiang Province 310021 China

Aerospace Parts Inquiries: info@dawopu.com
Business Development Fax to: (86) 571-89967015

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