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Carbon Brushes

  • DD Series Slip Ring Brush Holders
DD Series Slip Ring Brush Holders

DD Series Slip Ring Brush Holders

  • ID:DD Series Slip Ring Brush Holders
  • Time:2021-02-08
  • Description:DD Series Slip Ring Brush Holders

Designed for use with both fast moving slip rings i.e. Alternators  and slip ring motors, and slow moving high current density applications such as cable reeling drums and leisure rides. These units are therefore very adaptable and lend themselves to many varied applications.

Current ratings are available upon request. Dimension ‘C’ = Approximate distance between centre of clamping hole and centre line of brush when brush holder is in working position.

CONSTRUCTION Brass with copper foil connections, spring:- plated spring steel. All parts steel plated. Double spring versions and brushes are available upon request.



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