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Turning Your Designs Into Easy-to-Manufacture Products.

The attention-to-detail Dawopu places on their tooling and stamped Parts or machined components helps OEMs provide higher quality products that impact our lives everyday.

Precision Metal Stamping and Machining Industry Expertise

We have more than 30 years experience manufacturing a wide variety of precision components for OEMs such as:

  • Electric motor rotor stator laminations
  • Door lock components
  • CAT 5e connector jacks
  • Progressive stamping dies
  • Precision tooling for CD/DVDs
  • Precision electrical contacts
  • Fiber optic tooling
  • Inkjet cartridge nozzles


Dawopu engineers develop creative solutions to optimize design-for-manufacture. This improves quality, utilizes the best materials, and reduces production costs. We can simulate and analyze stamping production of complex components prior to manufacturing tooling which reduces development time and ensures product design feasibility.

State-of-the-Art CNC Machining and Turning Technology

We can provide accuracy and a quick turnaround of your complex designs thanks to our 3- , 4-, and 5-axis milling, multi-axis turning, and wire and sinker EDM work cells.

Precision Metal Stamping

We have over 50 stamping presses with specialized auxiliary equipment that is used for low to high volume production as well as prototype development. We are experts in:

  • Close tolerance metal stamping and assembly
  • Transfer production stamping

Tooling Expertise

Our team of toolmakers have fully equipped tool rooms for providing complete progressive stamping dies and maintenance services for precision metal stamping. We have developed specialized work cells and processes that enable us to produce tight tolerances with repeatable accuracy for all of our carbide punches and carbide bushings and other die components.

Highly Skilled Workforce

Our engineers, machine operators, and technicians are dedicated to providing innovations in manufacturing, which help our customers develop cutting-edge products.

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Zhejiang Province 310021 China

Aerospace Parts Inquiries: info@dawopu.com
Business Development Fax to: (86) 571-89967015





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