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 Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

As a major Trading Company, Dawopu Group has been in the world marketplace for more than 30 years. We started as a trading firm dedicated to international business. Through the years, the company has successfully grown up to become a multifunctional enterprise comprising processing & manufacturing, research & designing, export & import, logistics & transportation etc. .

As a major enterprise engaging in precision components, machinery and Machinery parts, Dawopu Group has the responsibility to play the role as a leading force, making contributions to development of precision components, Machinery and Machinery parts industries in china and worldwide. .

As a multinational enterprise, Dawopu Group is to take the responsibility to provide safe, healthy, quality products as well as express service to meet the needs for production and and living, and create the fortune for the society.

With our organizations and staff based at home and abroad, Dawopu Group bears the responsibility to protect the lawful rights and interests of our staff, to respect their value, and to grow together with them.

As our major businesses concern sensitive areas including recourses, environment and safety; Dawopu Group ought to assume the responsibility to protect the environment, to conserve recourses, to conduct safe production and to promote the harmonious coexistence between the human beings and the nature.

As a huge conglomerate with high public attention, Dawopu Group has the responsibility to follow lofty business ethics and the code of behavior, observe laws and regulations, to contribute to the society and to make an excellent corporate citizen.