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 Design           Design and Development
 What We Do

Together with our design office, we intervene throughout the life-cycle of your connection and mechanical assembly projects (components - sub-assemblies and assemblies), from the study and design phase to development and industrialisation, with suggestions for improvements and innovative solutionsDesign

  • Response to specifications
  • Choice: materials, treatments (heat and surface), trades, technologies
  • Study of new manufacturing processes


  • Manufacturing of prototypes
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing
  • Ratification of projects or products
  • Optimisation of our manufacturing processes

By coordinating our design offices, we define the characteristics of your products together, and propose improvements ad techncial solutions

To help you take advantage of our expertise, we are developing a technical database which can be accessed through our Extranet.

Research and Development:

  • Our manufacturing processes
  • The new materials
  • Your current products
  • Your future products

Use of Solidworks software.

Dawopu engineers bring years of precision Parts experience to bear on even the most complex problems. With the ability to anticipate and resolve manufacturing challenges even before the process is begun, we insure the development of products that can be manufactured easily and cost-effectively. And because of our machines' advanced processing capabilities, we can combine multiple components of an assembly into one complex part.

Product development

During the product development cycle, Dawopu collaborates with customers from product designing to rapid prototyping to manufacturing. During the initial phases of development, Dawopu designers serve as a resource to our client's own design staffs, which is especially critical to our clients who have been forced to downsize their own product development operations. By providing design and engineering services to our clients, we can help to improve speed to market.

But we also provide manufacturing expertise, helping designers translate ideas from the drawing board to the assembly line. By applying DFMA principles throughout the development process, we can ensure that a product can be manufactured efficiently while maintaining its aesthetic and functional purposes.

Value engineering

Our expertise can also help OEMs with their existing products. Using a process known as value engineering, our team evaluates a customer's product looking for ways to reduce manufacturing costs and to simplify assembly (DFMA). Value engineering delivers parts at a lower cost that are easier to assemble.

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