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Since Dawopu has expertise in both metal stamping and plating, we¨re able to save our customers valuable time. We¨ve been in business for over 60 years, employ over 700 well-trained people and are a provider of world-class manufacturing solutions.


Precision Metal Stamping :We have over 60 stamping presses with specialized auxiliary equipment that is used for low to high volume production as well as prototype development. We offer a variety of precision stamping services for the electronics industry including high speed stamping for pin and bandolier, memory card connectors, PCB pins and receptacles, and category 5 connector jacks as well as RoHS compliant components.

Lead-Free Plating Process:To help customers comply with the latest environmental regulations that restrict the use of lead in electronic components, we offer lead-free plating alternatives that are RoHS compliant on reel-to-reel stamped products.

Single-Source Resource:Oberg provides a unique combination of value-added manufacturing solutions C prototyping, tooling, stamping, plating, and assembly C to expedite lead times, improve product quality, and reduce costs.

Inline Vision Inspection :Our quality programs help eliminate or minimize inspections on your site. Count on Oberg for high quality parts that can go directly to your assembly operations.

Worldwide Locations:Oberg has manufacturing operations in Pennsylvania, Mexico and Costa Rica to make sure JIT operations run on schedule.

Quality Certified:Our manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 standards and operate in strict compliance with these guidelines.


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