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Metal Stamping Parts

High Quality. On-Time Delivery. Anywhere in the World.

With over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing Metal Stamping Parts, we have a deep understanding of what is needed to stamp high quality parts. Managing new stamping programs as well as the transfer of existing programs, Dawopu has a long history of delivering projects on schedule.

Precision Metal Stamping Capabilities

  • Prototype Stamping
  • Precision lamination stamping, loose or interlocked
  • In-die Assembly, Tapping and Laser Welding
  • Pin and Bandolier Stamping
  • Connector Stamping
  • High Speed Reel to Reel Stamping
  • Integrated Stamping and Machining
  • Contact/Rivet Insertion/ Welding
  • Hydro Forming and Deep Draw Stamping
  • Carbide and Steel Progressive Stamping Dies
  • Modular Dies
  • Pallet Hinge

Variety of Materials

We have experience working with stainless and cold rolled steel, hardened and tempered steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, Hyperco, and specialty alloys such as titanium, nitinol, Inconel, zircaloy and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Low and High Volume Production

Dawopu has over 50 stamping presses ranging from 30 to 300 tons that are equipped with modern servo feed systems and incorporate in die sensing and inline vision inspection.

Two Locationss

Facilities are located in Pennsylvania and Mexico to serve customers around the world.

Shorter Time to Market

Our ability to produce the precision metal stamping dies required to stamp customers¨ parts improves the product quality, accelerates production and helps get your product to market quicker than your competition.


Our engineers develop creative solutions to optimize product design for improved quality and reduced production and material costs.

Secondary Operations

To provide customers with cost-effective solutions, Dawopu has leveraged its technical expertise to offer a variety of options such as: reel-to-reel plating, laser welding, deburring, tumbling, and powder coating.

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