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Renewable energy is key to a fossil-free future

Driven by society’s need to tackle climate change, renewable energy generation continues to grow. Wind power alone is now providing 15% of Europe’s generation. The energy industry is approaching a tipping point, and today, wind and solar are often the cheapest forms of new generation. The whole energy system is changing, and wind power is one of the most important energy sources for driving decarbonisation.

Adapting to renewable energy industry challenges

The renewable energy industry is in transition: Markets that are increasingly subsidy-free and a more competitive Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE) are creating a more challenging environment in which to develop and execute renewable energy projects. As growth of renewable energy grows worldwide and revenue levels continue to drop, there is less remaining value for everyone involved in the project lifecycle. Developers and investors are looking for predictable returns from renewable energy in these unpredictable times.

As a leading renewable energy development company, Dawopu Renewable Energy is addressing these challenges by adapting our approach to suit our customers’ needs and customizing our solutions to create value throughout project development. By optimizing the renewables value chain both technically and commercially from a very early stage, Dawopu  Renewable Energy puts its technical and commercial tools to work—helping provide execution certainty for developers and investors around the world.

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