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Chairman's Message

A Message from the Chairman and CEO

Marketing is always full of change and as subtle as a chess game. Facing the changeable world market, Dawopu started her strategic transition since 1982.   With the transition of Chinese foreign trade policy, Dawopu turns her main   business from import and export to overseas engineering contract, bidding and   tendering, Mechanical Components      , micro parts and world trade. Now, based on her   advantages in channel resources and her outstanding abilities of capital   operation and project management, Dawopu put her chessmen over the whole world.   Dawopu has built good relationships with countries in Middle East, West Asia,   North Africa, Southwest Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, etc. By the   market developing gap among different countries and her relative advantages in   productivity, Daqopu is carrying out her global strategy step by step.

While playing a chess game, we should keep calm and focus on the game   whole-heartedly . World market is full of lures and traps. We should firmly keep   on our orientation, clear away the obstacles and temptation, make unremitting   efforts and devote ourselves to the development of Dawopu. In future, we will   continue to improve our main business so that we can maintain our   competitiveness in the world chess game.

By playing chess game, we can make friends from all over the world. By   playing chess game with friends, friendship is even more important.World   economy is an endless chess game. We sincerely invite friends of all trades to   join hands, and create prosperous future of World trade.

As a leading provider of some of the world's most advanced products and   services, we set high standards for performance in every aspect of our business   - including environment, safety and health.Through these efforts, we are   making a difference in our communities and in the world today - and for the   future.

Mr Liu
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


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