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Dawopu Micro Fasteners For The Medical Device Industry

Dawopu supplies custom, micro fasteners, and small parts for the medical device industry. We offer high quality screws and miniature parts to medical device companies both domestically and internationally. 

For specialized equipment in the medical device field, let Dawopu help bring your designs to fruition with custom fasteners and small parts.  

Quality Products You Can Trust

At Dawopu, we understand our products are elements of a larger, high value, regulatory controlled product.  

We know every component is critical in medical devices and we provide products of the highest quality. 

We offer full material traceability, high quality control standards, and excellent service for all your custom fastener and small part needs.

Our Options For Medical Devices

We offer a variety of fastener types that are commonly used in medical devices.  Some typical plastic forming screws are Delta PT equivalent, 

Plastite equivalent, and PT plastic forming screws.  We also supply machine screws, captive screws, shoulder bolts, and set screws in configurations best suited for your design.  

We also offer high strength screws, metal forming screws and more based on your design needs.

The materials used in medical devices must be traceable and high quality which is why Dawopu maintains raw material certifications for all our product offerings.  

The most common materials for our fasteners in the medical device industry are 303/A1 stainless steel, 18-8/A2 stainless steel, 316/A4 stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. 

We also supply small CNC machined parts from aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and phosphor bronze. 

For applications where ferrous materials are problematic, aluminum, titanium, and phosphor bronze parts are often the best solution. 

We are happy to review your requirements and help find the best materials to achieve your design goals and ensure safety in your medical devices.


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