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5 Signs of a Failing Windshield Wiper Motor

Your windshield wipers are one of the parts of your car that you might not pay much attention to — until it rains. When the rain starts pouring, you need your windshield wipers in stellar working condition. To ensure your windshield wipers work properly when you need them most, check out these five warning signs of a failing windshield wiper motor.

windshield wipers working properly

1. Windshield Wiper Speed Decreases

When your wipers operate at a slower speed than normal, it can be a sign that the motor is failing. When this occurs, the motor isn’t supplying enough energy to the wipers to make them move quickly. During a torrential downpour, it’s crucial that your windshield wipers operate properly at their fastest speed to ensure your view of the road remains clear.

2. A Humming Noise is Heard When Your Wipers are in Use

When you hear a slight hum coming from your wipers, but they’re barely moving, it might be a sign that the motor is not supplying enough power to move the wipers.

3. Wiper Speed Doesn’t Change

Most vehicle are equipped with windshield wipers that operate at three or four different speeds to accommodate various rates of water flow. When the speed of your wipers don’t change, it can be a symptom of a failing windshield wiper motor.

4. Wipers Don’t Return to Resting Position

When they are not in use, your windshield wipers should rest at the bottom of your front windshield. If your windshield wipers do not return to resting position when turned off, this could be a sign of a failing windshield wiper motor.

5. The Blades Won’t Move at All

When you turn on your windshield wipers and the blades don’t move at all, it might be the windshield wiper motor. You can listen and see if you hear the motor running. If not, it’s likely the motor has failed and needs to be replaced.

If you notice any signs of a failing windshield wiper motor, it’s important to have your car inspected by a professional as soon as possible, before you end up caught in the rain. At Dawopu, we can determine the issue with your windshield wipers and replace the motor as necessary to ensure your vehicle is prepared the next rainy day. To learn more about our electrical repair services, contact us today!


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